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Find out who owns a certain domain

Is the domain already taken, or is it available for registration? If it is already taken, who is the owner? The Whois service provides the answer. This service allows you to look up information about the owner of a registered domain. Whois also lets you determine whether a domain is already registered or if it is available.

Can anyone view my domain ownership details?

The name and address of the domain owner are public for .ch domains, meaning anyone can view them. This can be advantageous if you want to purchase a domain from the registered owner or if you want to sell a domain yourself. The disadvantage is that spammers, hackers and data collectors can also access this information.

Can I hide the information displayed in the Whois list?

The ownership details for certain domains can be protected with our Domain Privacy Service: If a third party wants to access the personal information associated with a domain protected by our privacy service, they need the owner’s express consent. This service is available for most domains, such as those ending in .ch, .com, .net, .biz, .org and .info, and others.

Whois – frequently asked questions

How does a Whois query work?

When a domain is registered, domain registrars like Hostpoint are required to disclose the personal contact details of the owner, along with other information, to the domain registry. This information is then publicly accessible. This is a global regulation adopted by the international umbrella organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The Whois database lists every domain currently registered worldwide. This list is essentially public.

Want to find out who owns a certain domain name? Simply enter it in the Whois search box to find out.

The domain I want is already taken. What are the alternatives?

First, check whether the domain name you have chosen is available with a different domain ending, such as .ch, .com, .net, .website, .online, or others. There are hundreds to choose from so there’s a very good chance you’ll find a match. You can find the domain endings available from Hostpoint and their prices in our current price list.

What is a domain anyway?

Every web server generally has its own IP address. But these addresses are difficult to remember or associate with a specific company or person. So it has to be converted into a unique, symbolic name: the domain. A domain is made up of the domain name (second level domain) – usually a person, company or product name – and the ending (top-level domain), which serves as an additional descriptor. For example, geographic top-level domains include .ch. for Switzerland, .de for Germany, and .li for Liechtenstein.

There are also top-level domains that reflect the purpose of an organization or company (generic top-level domains) rather than a country. Commercial sites can end with .com or .biz, educational institutions with .edu, or museums with .museum.

Can I transfer my domain from another provider to Hostpoint?

This is less complicated than you might think. First you need a transfer code, or “AuthCode” for the transfer of your domain to Hostpoint.

How you obtain this transfer code depends on your registrar or provider, as each has its own procedure for transmitting the AuthCode/transfer code. For example:

  • You can view the transfer code in the service area.
  • You must request the transfer code from the registrar/provider.
  • You receive the transfer code automatically by e-mail when you cancel your domain or decide to change providers. In general, however, you have to request it, as otherwise the domain may be deleted once the domain contract expires.

Probably the quickest way to handle this is to contact your registrar or current provider directly and request your transfer code.

Once they have sent you the transfer code, you can order a domain move on our Domain Transfer website. Once we have received your order, it takes just a few hours to transfer your domain.

This domain is available!
Change of ownership
Update owner address
Nameserver update
Tech contact update


You register a domain with the selected TLD (such as .ch) for a period of one year.


You renew your registration by one year.


You transfer your domain, e.g. from Switch to Hostpoint.

Change of ownership

You transfer your domain to a new owner.

Update owner address

You change your address (street and city).

Nameserver update

You change the nameservers for example to another provider.

Tech contact update

You change your technical contact.


After a deletion, you can reactivate your domain.


The renewal fee is billed annually. The other costs (registration, transfer, etc.) are once-only fees.

All prices are listed in CHF, incl. VAT.

This domain is taken.





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Maybe you can find a similar domain that is to your liking. We're happy to suggest several alternatives.


Purchase and reserve domain

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